Redefining the American road trip

Folding bicycles have been used in war, stored in car trunks and small apartments and employed as the solution to the “last-mile problem,” the distance between one’s home or work and a mass transit stop.

Bridging the last-mile problem usually involves multi-modal transportation, a strategy that involves more than one form of transportation, for example, a bike and a bus, in a single, successful trip.

Of course, some trips are longer than others.

Russ and Laura are going multi-modal in a big way, having started their “Big Adventure, Small Wheels” tour of the United States. The plan is to combine train travel with a pair of six-speed Brompton folding bicycles. Here’s Laura:

“We’ll be putting our trusty Surly Long Haul Truckers in storage to travel on Bromptons. Why? Riding around on a Brompton is simply a fun experience, and being able to fold them into a really tiny package is just cool.

“Our plan is to pair the cycling with train travel. We think more people should get out on bikes, but we also think the train is overlooked as a contemporary means of travel. Since the two go together so well, we’re going to focus our whole next trip on the joys of bike and train travel. As much as we love our Surlys, they feel sluggish compared to the Bromptons, and they’re just not as simple to take on multi-modal travel.”

So folding folk, here’s a website worth bookmarking:

And be sure to check out their Facebook page, too.

Saw this story first on EcoVelo.

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