Japan’s Colossus captured by urbanvelo.org photographer

Colossus, built for smaller riders, features full suspension. Photo by urbanvelo.org

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Austin, Texas, wraps up on February 27, 2011. But many of the bicycles on exhibit have been beautifully documented for posterity by Urban Velo, including the dual-suspension Colossus road bike from Japan’s Kimori Ltd.

In addition to 20-inch wheels, the Colossus features space-frame construction in which pairs of small-diameter tubes replace the larger tubes used in traditional steel diamond-frame bicycles.

Other bicycles built in a similar fashion include all Moulton models, which come with dual suspension and either 17-inch or 20-inch wheels, and Pedersen, a full-sized design that dates back to the 1890s.

Kimori reports the short-wheelbase Colossus was “conceptualized” in 1992 as a comfortable mount for smaller riders and adds that the bike is easy to transport in “current Japanese mini-vehicle box vans.”

NOTE: Visit urbanvelo.org/nahbs for more pictures of the Colossus and Handmade Bicycle Show entries dating back to 2008.

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