North end of Bushwhacker all bikes, all the time

Sally Brown: "One week, you're wrapping up a winter clothes sale; the next, you're moving bicycles as fast as you can into the same space."

Bushwhacker, Peoria’s locally owned and operated active outdoor sports store, is consolidating bicycle repair, assembly and sales in the north end of the building at street level. For employees like Service Manager Robert Woo, it’s the end of hauling bicycles up the stairs from the old basement repair area.

For an old bike shop guy like me, the move is evidence of Bushwhacker’s commitment to the bicycling business. After all, when you dedicate a larger chunk of your prime selling space to bicycles, you have to be sure the product will pay for the square footage.

“We’re about 60 percent of the way there,” Woo said about the move on March 4. “I could talk about the business end of it, but I’m more interested in people coming in and using their bicycles.”

Sally Brown, Bushwhacker vice president/buyer, said customers arriving today will think the changeover is further along. “It looks like 80 percent done to people coming in, but we’re doing a lot of fine tuning. But people are coming in, turning to the right and saying wow, that’s where the bikes are.

“We have plenty to do; I know we still need to get Yakima up on the wall. But people can find stuff. In the future, we’ll also have a back door for bicycle service, so people don’t have to haul their bikes through the sales floor.”

See pictures of the new layout on Facebook.

Be sure to check out Bushwhacker’s website, too. Redesigned last fall, it’s full of employee biographies, sharp photography and links to area outdoor clubs. And “the story of a brick and mortar store built on guts and granola.”


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