Reasons to ride a bicycle

This is not a list for people who ride bicycles. This is a list for people who don’t. Given that people who don’t ride don’t look for reasons to ride, this may be a list doomed to be unread. Which may make you wonder why I’d take the time to write it.

I have my reasons.

What are yours?

– To be rewarded by downhills and tailwinds, even if you won’t be today
– To engage in the most elegant amplification of human power known
– To enjoy it
– To envy the walker’s leisure
– To interact with people along the way
– To know what it is to travel at your own speed
– To be the engine of your own transformation
– To see the community your address implies you’re a part of
– To weigh more than your vehicle—even if you wish you weighed less than you do
– To know that you can

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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3 Responses to Reasons to ride a bicycle

  1. Sean Casey says:

    To realize that I am not going to get fatter while riding my bike! Nice post!

  2. Craig Burgess says:

    Nicely said, Sam.

  3. Robert Martin says:

    To be challenged by the fact that when I’m too tired to ride any further, I must now ride back.

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