“The Bicycle Story” All Wet(more)

When I’m thinking about a new bike (or an old bike or a monowheel), I read all I can about it.

For instance, back when I was thinking about getting a Bike Friday tikit, I went through all the information on Bike Friday’s website. Then I used Google to look for people with tikits and web pages on the bicycle.

One of the most interesting pages I came across belonged to Alex Wetmore, the man who cut off his tikit’s dropouts. He did it, of course, so he could attach dropouts that would let him tension the drive chain without a derailleur.

Of course. It’s what anyone would do. Anyway…

Seattle writer Josh Cohen (thebicyclestory.com) just put together a nice article on Alex and included pictures of a few of his other projects, including the full-size, wide-tired Gifford bicycle.

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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