Tikit techies will tuck into terrifically timely tikit tech wiki

Glad to see this note from Sean Luke on the yak over at Bike Friday.

It starts off with a link that all Bike Friday tikit owners should bookmark immediately (I’ve added it to the folding/non-folding links on this website):


“The tikit is a cutting edge bike and that requires some knowledge on
behalf of the owner. After discussion on bikeforums, I put together a
wiki for tikit maintenance, upgrades, and comparison, trying to get
everything in one place. To prime the wiki, I gleaned stuff from my
site and whatever I knew and dumped it in. Vik Banerjee also
graciously allowed his pictures to be used. Thanks also to Rob for
pointing out some errors (this is not a BF sponsored site).

“I am hoping that tikit owners might find this useful, and even
contribute material to it. The wiki is self-contained (PMWiki) and
can be rehosted if necessary.

“The wiki has a single edit password to keep out the spambots and
vandals — I’m not in the business of multiple usernames — and is
freely editable if you know that password. So if you’re a tikit owner
and would like to add something to the wiki you don’t see, contact me
and I’ll give you the password and some instructions.”

Sean Luke

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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