Trouble at Dahon leads to new folding bike company


A lot of people have left Dahon, including people named Hon, to start a new folding bike company called Tern Bicycles. According to a story in the trade magazine Bike Europe, the Hons may have lost control over the Dahon brand in several countries to their Chinese factory.

Dahon is/was the world’s largest folding bike maker.

Here’s the Bike Europe article that mentions “issues with the Chinese factory that holds the Dahon trademark in some countries.”

Here’s a Bikehugger article that lays blame on poor quality control at the Chinese factory.

Finally, here’s the news release from Tern Bicycles announcing the new company.

UPDATE: Dahon’s Steve Cuomo and Tern’s Josh Hon respond. Read their comments, below.

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3 Responses to Trouble at Dahon leads to new folding bike company

  1. says:

    Hi Sam, Regarding Dahon, I think it’s important to point out that although there’s been some unfortunate misleading information circulating recently, there is no real change with Dahon that would affect U.S. consumers. Doctor Hon, the original founder, product designer and owner continues to lead the company. The headquarters in Duarte, CA has not changed, same bikes, same great service, working with the same U.S. retailers. If you’d like to get on our mailing list please contact me?
    Thank you,
    Steve Cuomo
    Dahon N. America

  2. Tbrand says:

    Ummmm. Except that the entire Dahon Global team responsible for developing the bikes over the last twenty years is leaving to start a new brand. So that includes product designers, engineers, marketers, sales people, everybody. And most of the intellectual property on the current Dahon bikes is owned by that Dahon Global team. That should make a pretty big difference, unfortunately.

    Josh Hon

  3. Chris says:

    Looks like the Tern bikes are just Dahon copies anyway. I’ve always been a fan of full size folders like Montague Bikes. They seem to have much better ride performance.

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