Dahon Bullhead: One Fish, Two Lions


Do you really need clipless pedals or pedals with toe clips? Not if you’re riding around downtown Columbia, Missouri, and the University of Missouri campus, reading historical plaques and looking for photo opportunities.

Here’s the Dahon Bullhead, a folding bike with 20-inch wheels and a 7-speed internally geared hub, at the entrance of the university’s journalism school. And just like the four-speed Peugeot I owned when I was a student, the Bullhead may best be appreciated when one is wearing sandals.

According to a nearby plaque, the lions were carved during the Ming Dynasty in Chufu, China, birthplace of Confucius, and were the gift of the Chinese National Government to the school of journalism.

I write about the Dahon Bullhead for NYCeWheels at folding-bike.us.

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