Bicycle share with Brompton Dock. Bicycles solve traffic issues. Guide to handlebar geometries

One of the newest bicycle sharing programs comes from folding bike company Brompton. The Brompton Dock is a solar-powered box that holds 40 of the British folders. (Bicycle Retailer)

Latest airline with a “Bikes Fly Free” promotion? JetBlue (BikePortland)

He’s “married to his car” but says people on bicycles are “part of the solution to the city’s [Portland, Oregon] traffic woes, not part of the problem.” (Oregonian)

Champaign/Urbana noted for bike commuting…and happiness. (The Atlantic)

Wish your bike fit better? Here’s a nice summary of links to bicycle fitting information. (Part-time Epistemologist)

STI levers led to the introduction of new handlebar geometries. Here’s a great overview of the major road bar categories. (La Rueda Tropical)

Legislators see driverless cars in Nevada’s future and they’re not just parked. (Truth About Cars)

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