Winter project: Paisley tricycle rebuild

Last week I was in Door County, Wisconsin, riding a tandem every day after rising late and enjoying a leisurely breakfast spent with a copy of The New York Times. This is what you can do when high temperatures are in the mid-70s and humidity is low.

But now I’m back in central Illinois. Highs are around 96, 97 and will be the rest of the week. And so I spend my early mornings directing well water to various parts of the vegetable garden.

What is necessary at times like these are cool thoughts. And one thought I’ve been entertaining is getting my Paisley tricycle back on the road this winter. All I need to do is get the back axles replaced or remachined so the wheels hang on around a corner.

Well, this winter, I’m getting it done. And when the roads are covered with ice, I’ll be out there. And I won’t be complaining about the cold.

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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3 Responses to Winter project: Paisley tricycle rebuild

  1. Let me know how the restoration goes. I’d love to have some pictures as well if you can. What is the issue w/ the rear–I think I still have the info from the original purchase of that assembly.

    Scott Paisley

    • No problem with your handiwork; the threads at the ends of the axles are untrustworthy. I either need to replace the axles–and there’s a guy in the UK who does what looks like excellent work–or find a machinist who can turn down the ends and cut new threads. If you do have a copy of the invoice, I’d love a copy. By the way, my friend Ken still has the track bike you built for him. Been building much, lately?

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