Tern posts pictures, specs of new folding bicycle line

On the same day that Bike Biz put out the headline, “US federal judge denies Dr David Hon’s request for Tern to quit,” (which means Tern Bicycles has won the first skirmish in the continuing Dahon lawsuit war) Tern has posted pictures and specifications of its upcoming line of folding bicycles.

By dispensing with 16-inch-wheel bicycles and mini-velo frame designs that Dahon continues to list in its lineup, Tern seems to be focused on the “sweet spot” for volume bicycle sales.

The initial Tern line for North America comprises 22 bicycles spread across five distinct families: Verge, Link, Joe, Eclipse and Castro. Three different wheel sizes are offered: 20-inch, 24-inch and 26-inch.

See the Tern Bicycles line here.

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