League of Illinois Bicyclists announces Oct. 1 Mackinaw Valley Trail “Meet-in-the-Middle” Ride

From the League’s Facebook page:

The Mackinaw Valley Trail “Meet-in-the-Middle” Ride, that LIB is helping to organize, will be on Saturday, Oct. 1. Cyclists start either in East Peoria or Bloomington, riding to Mackinaw after brief 9:30am kickoff events. There’ll be a brief closing event in Mackinaw & optional lunch at a cafe. The purpose of the ride is to raise awareness and momentum for the developing bicycle route between Peoria and Bloomington.


UPDATE: Lar Davis passed on this email (Thanks, Lar):

With the Morton to East Peoria trail freshly repaved, the LIB has rescheduled their Mackinaw Valley Trail “Meet in the Middle” ride for Saturday, October 1st.  This event is to showcase the new on-road/trail being used for attracting cyclists to the Mackinaw River Valley area.  On Saturday, October 1st, cyclists in Peoria and Bloomington will start bicycling from their respective ends of the trail at 9:30 AM – meeting in downtown Mackinaw at The Family Restaurant.  Distance one-way from Bloomington is 20 miles & 18 miles from Peoria.  If you would like to see the event flyer, please click HERE.  If you would like more information about the Mackinaw Valley Trail, please click HERE.

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1 Response to League of Illinois Bicyclists announces Oct. 1 Mackinaw Valley Trail “Meet-in-the-Middle” Ride

  1. lar says:

    Wonder if they will follow the route we did – so many years ago there was still a Sambo’s restaurant in Normal that we had breakfast at. I remember the railroad crossing were we encountered the three (or was it two) sleepy dogs lounging right in the road.

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