Quality Bicycle Products announces third distribution facility, job openings

The bicycle industry, like most industries, includes manufacturers, distributors, marketers, retailers, fans and customers. One distributor (and increasingly in recent years, marketer) I’m a big fan of is Quality Bicycle Supply.

Three reasons: The company treats its employees right, it’s focused on the sustainability of its business model and it has a clear vision: to get more people riding bicycles.

If you haven’t heard of Quality, it may be because Quality’s immediate customers aren’t bicycle riders but bicycle shops.

From Quality’s website: “We believe in the ride. We believe in cycling and all that is right about cycling. We work to put more butts on bikes and to create an effective business model that includes environmental and community stewardship, business sustainability and partnership.”

In 2011, the Bloomington, Minneosota-based company, and the power behind such brands as Civia, Dimension, Salsa Cycles and Surly, opened its second distribution facility in Ogden, Utah. Today, it announced that its third facility, “allowing QBP to reach 95 percent of its customers via ground shipping in one to two days,” will open December 1, 2011, in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Here’s the news release.

Here’s what Lennard Zinn wrote about QBP for Velo News in 2009.

Looking for a good job in the bicycle industry? Start here.

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