Bike sharing works. Professor commutes. Bike fit links

Bicycle sharing as an idea has been around for quite a while. Amy Westervelt says the reason more programs are succeeding today is that they have business models that work. (Forbes)

Jonathan Simmons has a nice essay on 83-year-old MIT Professor Emeritus David Wilson and his eight-mile bicycle commute. (

If you think Professor Wilson is interesting, you should read his book, Bicycling Science. (

A flywheel-equipped bicycle with regenerative braking has garnered a bit of attention for its inventor, Maxwell von Stein. Now we’ll see if it gets him what he really wants: a job. (Gizmag)

An earlier flywheel bike here, also featuring a “wrong-side” chainring. (Cyclorama)

Worried about the economics of small towns? Bromptonite Russ Roca says tap into bicycle tourism. (Path Less Pedaled)

Bike fit problems? Harris Cyclery and Rivendell have plenty of good info, but Jim Langley’s chart offers a super-quick review of symptom, likely cause and solution. (Jim Langley)

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