Losing the space race with a Dahon Bullhead

Dahon Bullhead on the University of Missouri at Columbia campus

There’s a transportation theory that goes something like this: Make an automobile more fuel efficient, and people will continue to use the same amount of fuel. They’ll buy homes farther from work, take two or three shopping trips when one, well-planned trip will do, and drive their cars longer distances on vacations.

Some call this The American Way.

But there’s also a bicycle storage corollary to the, well, let’s call it the Inefficiency of Efficiency rule. In my case, it goes like this:

1) Buy a Bike Friday tikit in December, and store a bike in half the space of a traditional machine. This is known as A Good Thing. 2) Now, at the end of August, buy a Dahon Bullhead and fill the remaining storage space. This is known as Another Thing.

That traditional machine? I still have one; in fact, I have more than one, and I even have one so-called traditional machine that takes up twice the space of a traditional machine: a tandem.

So this is where I find myself as the big ball we all share spins into autumn in my neighborhood: I have more bicycles to explore space, and I have less space of my own. The term “paradox” comes to mind.

Though I prefer terms like “Thing One” and “Thing Two.”

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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