Dahon surfaces on Facebook

Dahon has apparently launched a new Facebook presence to connect with customers. (Following the Dahon/Tern split, Dahon lost control of the older Dahon Facebook page, which essentially became what people in the computer trade would call an unsupported legacy system.)

Fifty-nine people were following the page on October 11, 2011, so 59 people have probably seen the note that new models “will be available in November,” and that the Dahon Curl, a near-mythical would-be competitor to the Brompton folding bicycle, may be coming in 2012, though the announcement does not link to the Curl to any particular market. The Curl is presented on a Dahon-branded Chinese website (unknown relation to the Dahon we know in North America) as the “Roll-shaped car.”

Back at Facebook, “Dahon Bikes” says, “…we want to make sure that it is perfect before we release it! We hope to have it out by next year.”

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1 Response to Dahon surfaces on Facebook

  1. Willow says:

    Hi there,

    We just wanted to leave a brief update for you on the status of the Curl. Our team of engineers have been kept very busy lately on all kinds of projects in folding bikes/scooters, including electric ones, and other forms of urban mobility. That said, we are shooting to trial produce the Curl by the end of this coming year (2013).

    In the meantime we welcome people to find our latest news and get involved on our ever-growing facebook page (www.facebook.com/DahonBikes). Thanks for your time.

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