Smallest Bantam Bike Friday sports 90-millimeter cranks

Rob English and the smallest Bantam Bike Friday yet. Photo by Bike Friday. All rights reserved.

In addition to packable and folding bicycles (like my Bike Friday tikit), the folks behind Bike Friday also build custom lightweight bicycles for little people. Engineer Rob English recently shipped the smallest Bantam Bike Friday he ever designed.

To accommodate five-year-old Hailey Korpai’s 11-inch inseam, Rob built a bike with 16-inch wheels (ISO 305) and crank arms 90 millimeters in length, slightly more than half of the 170-millimeter standard.

The Bantam resulted from a request from TV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Producers learned about Bike Friday through Little People of America, an organization Bike Friday has worked with for years.

Here’s the story, straight from Bike Friday.

The timeline for making the bike was extremely tight.

The newest Bantam is the latest of a wide variety of bicycles designed by Rob English. Take a look at his personal tandem recumbent.

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