Portland gets cycle track; New York gets Madison. Weekly Linker, November 10, 2011

Portland, Oregon, bicyclists are exploring the city’s first two-way cycle track at the same time as Munich is abandoning its narrow-lane version. (Bike Portland)

What’s a cycle track? Glad you asked. (Alta Planning)

File this one under “looks like a lovely lawsuit.” Ladies and gentlemen, I link you to the bicycle with all-steel wheels. (Co.Design)

In Tokyo, the best bicycle salesperson is, evidently, an earthquake. (The Truth About Cars)

Madison, Wisconsin, is one of those cities you really need to experience by bicycle—even if you fly into Milwaukee and take the bus to get there. (New York Time’s Frugal Traveler)

Like wide drop handlebars? The online bicycle world’s big and tall shop is selling 48-centimeter (center-to-center) JK bars. (Zinn Cycles)

Just in: Can you steal your bicycle if you own it? (Road.cc)

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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