Just in: Tern Link P7i

The folks at Tern sent me a Link P7i, and this is the last time you’ll see it sitting on the living room rug. Let’s just say I’ll be testing the fenders along with all the other goodies, like the front generator hub, the no-tool adjustable stem and the quality of the folding mechanisms.


Some P7i features are familiar to me because they’re on the Dahon Bullhead downstairs: the 7-speed rear hub, ergonomic handlebar grips and integrated brake lever/bell. But it’s going to be interesting, comparing a monotube main frame (P7i) to a diamond design (the Bullhead, now discontinued).

The one thing I keep thinking about with any of these folding bikes, and this includes my Bike Friday tikit, how did people deal with braking before the V-brake design was introduced?


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4 Responses to Just in: Tern Link P7i

  1. Lar says:

    Nice-hope the weather cooperates for the tests.

  2. amckimmey says:

    That’s what fenders are for.

  3. salbakukak says:

    I agree on the brake thing. Those old side-pull brakes are so hard to adjust and doesn’t have enough braking power.

    • I haven’t adjusted the brakes, not even to adjust cable tension at the brake levers, since I received the Tern Link P7i. It has rock solid stoppers. Just get on and ride. In fact, that’s the only problem with the brakes: they don’t give me anything to write about.

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