Bicycles for the 1%: Worth it?

I don’t spend much time thinking about the high end of the bicycle market. First, I have a hard time telling one miracle machine from another, despite the generous decaling. Second, you can have tremendous amounts of fun on bicycles that cost less than your annual cell phone bill. Nonetheless, megabuck bikes have their fans, and one website does a decent job of exploring why that is. (BikeRadar)

What kind of performance can you get out of a 20-inch-wheeled bicycle? Bike Friday head designer Rob English says his chosen machine is very competitive in hillclimbs, as long as the UCI rulebook is not involved. (Bike Friday)

You’ve seen the ad. The Michelin Man saves motorists from anthropomorphized raindrops bent on the destruction of all things automotive by pulling tires out of his belly and throwing them onto moving vehicles. But he’s been a tire-thrower for a long time; he used to practice his craft from the seat of a bicycle. (Print)

I recently bought my first ebook from Amazon. Not because I’m dying to use a Kindle (I’m actually reading it on my iPad), but because “The Bicycle and the Bush: Man and Machine in Rural Australia” isn’t available in print. As a source of information about riding downunder from 1890 to 1920, it’s a great value at $4.99. And I believed that before I saw the fabulous picture of the recumbent strawberry picker. (Amazon)

Now that I’ve vaulted the initial ebook hurdle, I’m ready for another, and I already know what it’s going to be: “Your Home Bicycle Workshop” by Jim Langley. The price of learning how to “create the ultimate home bicycle workshop” is $19.95, which includes a tools list, 201 color photos and illustrations, and insights from a rider who has pedaled approximately an hour or more every day since December 1993. (Jim Langley)

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