Advocacy merger; Tern Link, uh, link


U.S. advocacy groups, including the League of American Bicyclists, are talking merger, which raises some apples-and-oranges questions. (Cyclelicious)

What do I think of the new Tern Link P7i folding bicycle with seven-speed hub, the neatest adjustable handlebar stem ever, fenders and generator hub-powered headlight? I can hardly wait to find out. (Folding Bikes/Compact Bicycles)

While not a bicycle article, this essay gives you an idea of the long history behind the common wicker basket. Spoiler: includes discussion of house and boat construction. (Low-tech Magazine)

It’s not every comic book purchase that comes with a burnt piece of a fictional building. But that’s what at least one bicycle rider found when he opened a recent Yehuda Moon shipment. (Bread Bike)

New bicycle book contains star appeal. The mythic Daisy of song isn’t the only lady who ever looked sweet on a bicycle seat or, in the case of Sophia Loren in “Hollywood Rides a Bike,” perched backwards on the handlebars. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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  1. Lar Davis says:

    Thanks, Sam – very informative and useful links.

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