Dan Henry remembered, Dahon turns 30

One of the first recumbent bicycles I remember reading about was ridden by American Airlines pilot Dan Henry, the same guy who designed the ubiquitous painted circle-and-line road markings you find along invitational bicycle ride routes. He died March 7, just before his 99th birthday. (Santa Ynez Valley News)

It’s hard to believe that folding bicycle company Dahon, founded by David Hon, a former Hughes Aircraft employee, is 30 years old. No, I take that back. It’s hard to believe that I remember demonstrating the Hon bicycle (later renamed Dahon to resolve a tradename dispute with Hon, a maker of office furniture) to shop visitors 30 years ago. (press release via Industry Outsider)

Tern Bicycles supported its exhibit at the Taiwan Cycle Show with blanket advertising on local mass transit. Also noted: sister brand Biologic’s new offerings for Android-based bicycle-phone integration. (BaikBike.com)

The Tern Castro Duo is a simple two-speed machine that reminds at least one person of simpler times. (Bicycle Times)

Brompton picked up an award at the Taiwan show for a tool kit that fits inside the folding bicycle’s frame. An option for new bicycles, the kit is supposed to work with older Brompton frames as well. Didn’t see a mention of the kit on the company’s website yet. (Folding Forum)

Here’s a very quick review of Bike Friday’s 1st Class tikit folding bicycle, with kudos for the Shimano eight-speed hub and mobility of the folded package. (Momentum)

Looking for a way to make a 21-mile commute interesting? Eric Puetz, an Arlington Heights, Illinois, bike shop owner, pedaled his bicycle to catch and detain an accused purse-snatcher.  (Daily Herald)

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