Riding to high school, bicycle-inspired interior design and the Bike Butterfly

There are a lot of reasons to ride a bicycle, but you don’t have to have your specific reasons all lined up, nice and shiny, before you attract the attention of the media. The news in Normal, Illinois, is that people are riding bicycles to high school—as a group of as many as 24 riders. And, according to the writer, “Almost all would drive cars to school if they weren’t pedaling away.” Well, imagine that. (WJBC)

There are a lot of reasons not to ride a bicycle, too. Kaid Benfield says those reasons are making us fat and prone to diabetes. He goes on to say one of the reasons we don’t do more walking and bicycling is “community design oriented almost exclusively to driving.” Potential solutions? Complete streets and better street connectivity.  (National Resources Defense Council)

Of course some folks seem to think that the only problem with incomplete, car-centric highway design is that there isn’t enough of it. Even Wisconsin’s Scott Walker seems eager to spend money he used to say the state didn’t have. (Streetsblog)

Did you know the designer of one of the iconic chair designs of the 20th century had a goal of using “the same steel as the Adler bicycle” that he rode around town? No wonder Marcel Breuer turned 1925 into such a stylish year. (Design Museum)

Speaking of interior design, you don’t have to pay US $130 for a Noguchi Akari Light Sculpture. Not when you can make something that looks very similar—especially if you are nearsighted—out of couple of bicycle rims. (New York Times)

Finally, the problem with otherwise delightful “products” like Bike Butterfly is that they’re not products, they’re naked attempts at viral marketing, accordingly to one writer. Otherwise, “if you film it, market it online and offer an order form on the website, I want to buy it.” Really? Because if that’s all it takes, I’m thinking about selling him all my marbles, one at a time. (Forbes)

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2 Responses to Riding to high school, bicycle-inspired interior design and the Bike Butterfly

  1. Good post! If you have time check out my post from two weeks ago on bike racks at schools. The problem here in Pekin is just the same as in Peoria… everyone is still auto-obsessed.

    Our communities have been ruined by our hunger to drive everywhere, and kids learn bad habits from a young age. I suggest it’s time for a change.

  2. lardavis says:

    Second to the “Good Post!”. Did you know that in our immediate area are schools that forbid kids to ride to school?! Seems the little dears would be at extreme risk, compared to riding inside the SUV’s of their parents. It’s not like they are in extremely urban areas, either. These are small towns – that choose to put their school buildings outside the multi-modal circulation framework (sidewalks). Go around and note where the new developments do not include a means for pedestrian access either, or if they do so it ends at the property line.

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