I’ll take Pedaling Los Angeles for 100,000, Alex

What happens when you close 10 miles of road to cars in Los Angeles? Imagine 100,000 people on bicycles, skates and feet. (Los Angeles Times)

There were at least a couple of motors in the latest CicLAvia—but they were attached to bicycles. (Turbo Bob)

It’s never happened to me around central Illinois, but in London being upset when passed by someone on a Brompton bicycle is one of seven things to give up to be a happy cyclist. (London Cyclist)

Cancelled: Brompton’s B Pod. Here’s the news from bikes@vienna (Facebook): “Well, after many false starts and delays, the Brompton team has officially CANCELLED the B Pod hard carrying case for the Brompton. Don’t despair though, I’ve traveled by plane, train, and bus with the soft sided B Bag and have had no problems at all. Or you can check out the B&W International hard case which we will have in stock again soon.”

Assumptions can cost you money. For instance, am I the only dummy who didn’t realize zip ties are sometimes reusable? (Lifehacker)

Did the driver who nearly grazed you have to buy a BMW X5? One study suggests that if the driver was feeling especially powerless when she walked into the showroom, the X5 may have been her default option. Then again, we have no idea what kind of car the study’s author drives. (Kellogg School)

So, do we really buy bigger or more status-laden objects when we feel powerless? Surely that doesn’t explain the appeal of the 4.7-inch-wide tires on the Surly Moonlander. (Bike Rumor)

The world is full of folding bicycles with 16-inch and 20-inch wheels. Here’s a fully loaded attempt to add more 24-inch-wheeled folders to the mix. A Tern Eclipse S11i is the star of this video produced by a New York retailer. (NYCeWheels)

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1 Response to I’ll take Pedaling Los Angeles for 100,000, Alex

  1. lardavis says:

    The Tern looks great, and the video is just right.

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