Trek hiring. Tern training. Human-powered woodworking tools

Looking for a job? Trek listed 45 positions on its website in early May, everything from mechanic at a Trek store to international logistics specialist to electrical engineer. Among the reasons Trek says it’s a great place to work? “First [Wisconsin] company to be 100% powered by renewable energy” and “Dress code? What’s that?” (Trek Bicycle)

Because you can take it with you and extend both ends of a bus or train journey, a compact folding bicycle is a natural for multimodal transportation. In Munich, Germany, transit authorities are hoping that Tern folding bikes alleviate parking congestion, too. (Bike Biz)  

With so many motors, engines and automated machines surrounding us, the term “human-powered” is sometimes used to indicate something unusual, even though human power has been a significant source of energy for millennia. In the late 1890s we were even starting to get good at making sure that the sweat of our brows was used as efficiently as possible. Take a gander at these woodworking tools. (Blue Ox Millworks)

 I don’t spend much time thinking about the many, well-documented failings of the U.S. legal system when it comes to justice for people who ride bicycles. But there are small victories—like this one in Mississippi in which a car driver is found guilty of simple assault with a deadly weapon after trying to appeal the original charge of negligent driving. The best thing about the story? The forgiveness of the injured party, the bicyclist. (Bob Mionske in Bicycling magazine)

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4 Responses to Trek hiring. Tern training. Human-powered woodworking tools

  1. lardavis says:

    I’m most impressed with the quality of information you’ve presented this time. Really appreciate the tool site being included – I’ve always had a love of the smell and feel of the old tools in my Grandpa’s and Dad’s handmade tool boxes. Something about old oil and sawdust just resonates in my sinuses and memory. I can think of a few people who have and cherish their Daddies tool boxes, and some have re-purposed the better designed ones into the center of their living space.

  2. woo says:

    Its a strange time I power a road bike but I shift with electrons .

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