Guerrilla painting benefits people on bicycles, local business

A rundown neighborhood decides to repaint its own roads and includes bicycle-friendly markings. The city’s planning staff helps, but perhaps most importantly, the city engineer and attorney don’t fight the plan. Among the beneficiaries: local Memphis, Tennessee, business owners. (Strong Towns)

The “real increase in cyclists on the streets could be as high as five times the level before” the 2011 earthquake/tsunami in Japan. (Attributed to the Japan Cycling Association in Reuters video)

Are young people (presumably in large urban areas, surely not out here on the blacktop prairie) less enamored of cars today because, offered a wide variety of brands to rank in terms of popularity, car brands don’t emerge in the top 10? Sorry, GM, sometimes it’s not all about the brand. If I were you, I’d be rethinking my connection with the aging, self-loathing hipsters at MTV. (New York Times)

Imagine conversations about the future of transportation if we didn’t pick sides first. Here’s the president of the AAA for Northern California, Nevada and Utah in a recent Bike Month letter to his members: “More cyclists on the road make me hopeful about a healthy future.” (via League of American Bicyclists)

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