The folding bicycle: packing it in for more than a century

Folding bicycles have been around since the 19th century, but it’s only been in the last 20 to 30 years that basic folding strategies met with computer-aided design and improvements in material science, manufacturing processes and parts, all of which are making folding bicycles a real alternative to full-size machines. Here’s a brief overview of folding bicycles through history. Did someone say illustrations? (The Folding Cyclist)

Shimano’s internally geared hubs have become a mainstay of the transportation bicycle genre, which includes many folding bicycles. Here’s a quick look at a Shimano-equipped folder you won’t see every day—unless you happen to own one. The Bike Friday Carbon Drive tikit combines 16-inch wheels with an 11-speed internal hub and a belt drive. (Hands On Bike)

And here’s a Bike Friday video that explains how to tension the Gates belt on the Carbon Drive tikit using the company’s unique swing-adjustable dropouts, which are optional on lower-priced tikits. (YouTube)

Tern is sponsoring a folding bicycle race during the June 9, 2012, London Nocturne with a “fancy dress” theme and a LeMans-style start. (Bicycle Retailer, scroll to story)

Oldtimers, and whatever never-a-day-without-a-ride Jim Langley calls himself these days, might be more interested in the Nocturne’s Penny Farthing race. Bicycles within the provisional start list include an 1878 Corton and an 1886 Victor. (London Nocturne)

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  1. woo says:

    Internally hubs and belt drives make grate machines, but I wish consumers would understand that. I have thought about putting a internal on my rivendell Im sure that there are some purest out there shutter.

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