The unfolding story: Brompton racing comes to Minneapolis

You don’t have to travel to Britain to race Brompton folding bicycles. Instead, head for Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Brompton U.S. Championship on June 10, 2012. Remember the dress code: jacket, collared shirt, tie and no visible Lycra. Oh, and yes: First-place male and female winners score a free trip to London for the World Championship Race. Which means if you can fly for real, you can also fly for free. (Calhoun Cycle)

Since 1996, home values in many walkable communities have significantly risen above nearby car-dependent areas. (New York Times)

Wilbur Wright twisted a bicycle inner tube box in his hands and envisioned wing-warping, a way to control the Wright brothers’ early aircraft. But inner tube boxes were different in 1899; the best way to replicate Wilbur’s experiment today is to make a replica of the box. (Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co)

A new hybrid vehicle for $2,000 to $3,000? Absolutely, as long as you’re talking about a bicycle powered by a combination of electric and human power. Here are a couple of tips to get more distance out of the BionX electric drive system. (BionX electric bike motor kit)

In 1997, the United States’ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA; the group behind full-sized robotic vehicle contests and the Internet) awarded Montague a grant to develop a folding electric bicycle. The grant led directly to the (non-motorized) Paratrooper model for civilian use. (Montague)

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