Riding a bicycle to save his life. Using zip ties to avoid a long walk home

Got a fat butt? You’re not the only one; meet your new best friend. His butt’s not as big as it used to be, and he says riding a bicycle saved his life. (Fat Cyclist)

Austin, Texas, is one place that makes me want to visit Texas someday. Okay, it may be the only place besides the Alamo (which turns out not to be the car rental company). And there’s at least one pretty good source for bicycling information in the area, including how to get started using the bicycle for transportation. (Austin on Two Wheels)

Once when I thought about style and the bicycle, I thought about a certain wool jersey with the brand name Guerciotti emblazoned across the front. Today, style means whatever you’re wearing, as long as it is, well, stylish. Here’s a stylish blog by two friends from two cities, each of whom like to travel atop two, and sometimes three, wheels. (Let’s Go Ride a Bike)

Used to be when I heard the word “hack” I assumed someone was cutting down a tree, spitting or hailing a taxi. Today, I assume someone is trying to be creative. Fortunately, there’s always someone watching for bicycle-related creativity—such as baskets that dogs can’t jump out of, fishing rod holders made out of PVC and emergency zip-tie tire repair. (BikeHacks.com)

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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