And don’t drive like your brother. Plus, ever freeze your tofu?

The news says fewer young people have driving licenses these days. Maybe in the big cities, but out here on the prairie, high school parking lots are still full of four-wheelers. Read what the University of Michigan has to say, then take a little time with this article claiming that even when kids have money, they really do seem to be doing the alt.transport thing. What do you think? Are kids driving less? (Good News)

Safe Routes to School success. More than a third of students in school, 128 kids in kindergarten through sixth grade, recently rode their bicycles to Vienna (VA) Elementary School. And bicyclists piloted another 82 machines to school across town at Wolftrap Elementary. (Vienna Patch)

Diane, a Brompton (and Express tikit and Peerless Aero-1) rider based in Singapore, passes along the poster of festivities connected with the Manila Folding Bicycle Festival on June 23. Be sure to wear your best barong. (Unfold and Cycle)

Can I believe Scott Cutshall lost 320 pounds riding a bicycle? Sure. Can I believe he turned down an appearance on Oprah? No way. It’s Oprah—she heals people, right? (Bicycling)

Tofu that doesn’t taste like tender bicycle tire? The secret is inside your freezer. (Slate)

A Team Raleigh rider took top honors at the London Nocturne folding bike race on a Dahon sporting Shimano Dura Ace parts and Schwalbe Durano tires. Raleigh distributes Dahon in the United Kingdom. (Raleigh News)

The Brompton U.S. Championship in Minneapolis is over, but you can relive the unfolding, the dress code, the pedaling and the podium straight from contender Spencer Morse, MBA. (Riding While Writing)



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9 Responses to And don’t drive like your brother. Plus, ever freeze your tofu?

  1. Rick Brown says:

    My oldest son and his wife in Ann Arbor have one car between them. When he needs to get somewhere he rides a bicycle or rents a ZipCar. When they move to Boston they play to maintain a one car household.

  2. lardavis says:

    Hey – anyone got a blog named “Bike Talk”? Probably. Good post again, Sir.

  3. Now I think the headline needs a comma: Don’t drive, like your brother.

  4. As someone who didn’t really have a car until I was 29, I’m constantly amazed at parents talking about giving their kids the old car. In my case, that would have been a ’66 Bel Aire, and it never happened. Too bad, I imagine the vent windows, AM/AM radio and carbon-choked engine would have made me car mad right away–even before I pulled out my wallet at the gas station. As I recall at the time, it didn’t look like anything would stop gas from reaching a buck a gallon. Instead, when people called for directions to the bike shop, they wondered why I never mentioned the Interstate. Easy: I never used it.

  5. Spencer says:

    Thanks for the link! Can’t believe I didn’t catch this until now. This year’s event was quite a success!

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