Terning one. Car-free NY streets in Aug. And cranking with grease

Tern Bicycles is one year old. The company expects to build 100,000 folding bicycles by the end of 2012. (Bike Biz)

Tern’s largest volume dealer is NYCeWheels, though what that volume might be is a mystery. (Pitch Engine)

You’ll probably see a few Terns during New York’s Summer Streets, an event that opens the roads to people and turns cars and trucks away from seven miles of road on the mornings of August 4, 11 and 18. (Streetsblog)

He edits Bicycle Quarterly, publishes books and sells bicycle parts. But until he starts wearing an eagle statuette on his helmet, Jan Heine is not likely to be mistaken for Sheldon Brown, though he offers a similar brand of high-quality advice. Here’s what Jan says about greasing bottom bracket tapers before installing crank arms. (Off the Beaten Path)

It’s a full-sized folding bicycle with 700c wheels. But is the Pacific Cycles iF Urban 700C too big to get small, too expensive not to, or something else? (Pocket-lint)

Ford Chairman Bill Ford says the Internet-connected car of the future will let traffic lights know you’re on the way and change them to green. It’s part of a congestion-fighting vision that doesn’t seem to include walking, bicycling or transit. (Fast Company)

Change traffic lights to green? Reads like a feature that ought to be part of MIT’s so-far-nonexistent Copenhagen Wheel. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

A bicycle-themed exhibition by the Boston (Mass) Society of Architects runs through August 31 at BSA Space. One of the bikes on display is the MIT Media Lab’s GreenWheel Electric Bicycle, which preceded the Copenhagen Wheel. (BU Today)

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