Get on your bike and ride, unless, of course, it’s not your bicycle

It doesn’t matter whether you want to write a book or ride a bicycle around the world, the reason to get your project started, right now, is as simple as this: “There’s only so much time, and it’s a big world. Wherever we are, we work at it, making decisions, and then one day — and we may not even know when it comes —  the scales begin to tip and the waiting turns into the having done it already.” (The Millions)

Who knew you could make titanium bicycle parts by printing them? This video shows cyclocross dropouts being manufactured layer by layer for Charge Bikes, a UK firm. (Vimeo. Thanks Kite Surf rambling)

No jetpack, but there may be (may be) a self-driving car in your future. Will it replace the bus? The train? Transit consultant Jarrett Walker says people who think auto-automobiles will replace transit inside cities are making a mistake, in part because self-driving cars still take up space. (Human Transit)

I had a lot of fun recently trying out the Trek Transport+, but there are several other companies with their own versions of the longtail cargo bicycle. Here’s a nice 2010 comparison of two non-electric bikes, the Surley Big Dummy and the Yuba Mundo. (Cycling Gypsies)

If you’ve been missing your old SunTour bar-end shifters, Dia-Compe has a nice looking set of friction shifters; something to consider for your next clickless-drivetrain project. (Velo Orange)

Can Blackhawk, Colorado, prevent people on bicycles from using its roads? This November, the state Supreme Court will listen to arguments. (Bicycle Retailer)

Here’s an alleged bike thief arrested on video. I say alleged because it’s a popular thing to say when someone has not yet been hanged. (VeloWeb)

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1 Response to Get on your bike and ride, unless, of course, it’s not your bicycle

  1. lardavis says:

    I love it! Almost made me buy more bling from VO (sweet that they have a microshift by Diacompe and metallic cable-housings), and the bike thief video was great!

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