Deeds in the need for bicycle speed…and marketing


Battle Mountain 2012 is over for another year. More streamliner riders were using cameras, instead of windshields, to see the road than ever. No Sam Whittingham (82.819 mph in 2009). This year’s winner hit 80.094 mph. (Bike Radar)

New Battle Mountain records in the trike (71.79 mph) and tandem (73.08 mph) categories. You’ll also find links to several race-related blogs at the top of this page. (

Battle Mountain no-show Graeme Obree still says he wants to pedal to 100 mph. Can he? Can anyone? (Wired)

Attendance was up 9.7 percent to 25,536 at North America’s biggest bicycle show, Interbike. Managing Director Pat Hus credits the increase to “small urban stores showing up that are not in the national stats.” (Bike Europe)

Double shift. Shimano offers both electric and mechanical versions of its Dura-Ace drivetrain. Offer an electric drivetrain for wide gear-range tandems equipped with S & S Couplings, and maybe we’ll talk. (Road Bike Rider)

Have it built your way. Full-size folding bike maker Montague promoted its frameset program for 2013 in Las Vegas. (Montague)

Oh great, now everyone I ever warned against using WD40 on a chain because it wasn’t a lubricant is going to use it now because it is. (Bike Rumor)

Quote of the day: Tern’s Josh Hon: “We’re not a bunch of hippies walking around barefoot and going, ‘Cars are evil.'” Well, that’s a relief. (Daily Br!nk)

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