A year on the bicycle. And the tax that no one likes, and no one pays


A little camera, a little riding and a lot of clever editing result in a year of pedaling, sleeping and frying eggs on the go. Meet the man who lived on his bike. It only takes three minutes. And thanks for the heads-up, J.D. (Go Pro)

Talking Head, totally white. The Byrne has Terned. (Instagram)

What happens when you take a bandsaw to bicycle parking? The same thing that happens when you pedal your bicycle without riding it. (Manifesto Architecture)

In the United States, you’ll hear the erroneous argument that people who ride bicycles have no rights to the road because they don’t pay taxes. (Roads are funded by more than the gas tax.) Overlooking the assumption that the rights of the governed emerge from taxation, consider the situation in Britain, where the same argument is often connected to a tax that no one has paid in more than seven decades. (I Pay Road Tax)

Dahon says its new factory in Bulgaria means bikes to the U.K. in seven days. (Bike Biz)

Love zip ties? One technique to tidy up an unruly collection of quick closers involves the zip ties themselves. (Bike Hacks)

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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3 Responses to A year on the bicycle. And the tax that no one likes, and no one pays

  1. woo says:

    well, I would be almost ready to pay tax to shut those guy up , but the irony is these are the same voters who complain about TOOO much taxes “well gee i pay taxes dont wont any of tham thair dang forners using my parks or my fishing spots they dont dang pay taxes hu” . just shows we still dont work for the grater good of all in the good old usa its about me and my money and I dont understand you so get the f of the road

  2. woo says:

    Oh I think that will put me in the 47% too

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