Bicycle small parts vendor, Loose Screws, liquidating

Update, March 18, 2015: Loose Screws lives. See this interview with Steven Arlint, the new owner of Loose Screws, now based in Irvine, California.


If you need a steady supply of small parts to keep a small fleet of old bicycles on the road in the United States, chances are you have at least skimmed the offerings of Loose Screws Bicycle Small Parts.

So, if you ever thought of ordering that front derailleur braze-on adapter, new springs for your quick releases or a 100-count bag of cheap cables, now’s the time. Here’s the email I just received.


ALL in-stock items are discounted by 20 percent at This is an inventory liquidation sale, a great opportunity for stocking up on bicycle repair parts. Keep in mind that sales will be “first come, first served,” and there will be no backorders. Discounts are calculated in the online shopping cart.

With this email we are announcing our intention to retire in the spring of 2013. We will continue to send out monthly emails for the next several months, advising you of any special deals and any previously unlisted items that we find in our warehouse. Rest assured that all customer information, including your email address, will be “retired” with us.

Your encouragement has been fundamental to our existence, and we do appreciate your orders and goodwill. You have bolstered our conviction that bicycle riders are the greatest people and best customers around. Thank you!

With gratitude,
Jeff and Jean Gilmore

I thought they were going out of business before, but I think this time they mean it. And yes, I’ve placed my order. Papa needs a new kit of chromium ball bearings in all the popular sizes.

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3 Responses to Bicycle small parts vendor, Loose Screws, liquidating

  1. lardavis says:

    This is a sad day for all those who have had a critical gizmo roll away or fizzle, or just someone like me that loves to look thru the bins via catalog (analog or digital). Too bad they could not find someone to just assume the operation – I’d enjoy seeing how the warehouse looks before they sell out.

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