Bikes big for small towns. Plus, West pictures East (U.S.)


If you like bicycle touring, you need to add The Path Less Pedaled to your reading list. Here’s a well-drawn animation that makes the point that people on bicycles can be the best friends of small towns. (Vimeo)

When I first became aware of The Path Less Pedaled, Russ and Laura were combining Brompton folding bicycles with Amtrak. However, if you want to combine bicycles with steam trains, your options are severely limited. The Union Pacific still has the 844 it ordered in 1944 but hasn’t assigned it to a regular run in years. China is running steam on a few freight routes, and captures quite a bit of train watcher traffic, but not for much longer. (Atlantic Cities)

The folks at The Path Less Pedaled also find some interesting links. Here, for instance, is a nifty use for worn-out chainrings. (Ocean Air Cycles)

It’s been a decade since I rode a bicycle with a computer on the handlebars. (There’s a computer on the tandem for the stoker’s reference.) Now I have no dislike for tracking mileage. Next year, I’m planning to keep a log of my rides. But I don’t think I’ll ever break a single ride into sections and see if I can break my time over each one. And I’m not the first to question the GPS goodness of a program like Strava. (MarketingProfs)

West Coast meets East Coast. Bike Portland’s Jonathan Maus talks with New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, a champion of travel by foot and bicycle. (Bike Portland)

Mr. Maus has also published some neat pictures of people on bikes in Brooklyn and back home in Portland, Oregon. (Bike Portland)

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