No gas lines for people on bicycles in New York


The most reliable transportation in portions of New York after Sandy is active transportation: walking and bicycling. People are pulling out old bikes and finding others eager to help them get their machines back into service. (Montague)

“One of the best assets you can have.” That’s what one person in Brooklyn said about the bicycle after Hurricane Sandy. (New York Times)

One of the best journalists in bicycling, Portland’s Jonathan Maus, found himself in New York just before Sandy hit. Read about commuting in the blackout and how people used bicycle-powered charging stations to juice up cell phones–and meet their neighbors. (Bike Portland)

U.S. bicycle sales are up this year though sales of full-suspension 26-inch-wheeled bicycles are way down. (Bicycle Retailer)

“The number of bicycles made in the UK [almost doubled] from 23,000 in 2010 to 40,000 in 2011.” It’s down a bit from the 1.2 million built back in 2000, but things are definitely looking up. (Bike Biz)

Could changes in U.S. regulations lead, eventually, to more walkable communities? Makes sense, given that regulations were responsible, in part, for spreading things out. (Streetsblog DC)

Wood fenders? Well, they still make boats out of wood; why not splash guards? Here’s how to build your own. (Momentum Magazine)

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