Saving a Masi. Visualizing bicycle share.

I was pleased with the way Les Siegrist’s Schwinn Sports Tourer went
together. But Jim Langley faced a much harder decision: whether to
have an expert replace the down tube of a rusty Masi Gran Criterium.
(Jim Langley)

Seventy-five percent of Brompton sales occur outside the United
Kingdom. The bike has a growing fan base in Asia. (Aol On Business)

Of course the Brompton has its fans, and retailers, in the U.S., too.
Here’s an ad from Rapid Transit in Chicago. (Rapid Transit)

Full-size folding-bike maker Montague is impressed with the bicycle
share system in its hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. And with the
data visualization that makes it possible to watch 10,000 bike share
trips over five days in just four minutes. (Montague)

Interested in using pedals to produce electricity? The challenge is
overcoming inefficiency. (Low Tech Magazine)

How many people commute to work by bicycle in your area? Glad you
asked. (American Bicycle Commuters)

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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2 Responses to Saving a Masi. Visualizing bicycle share.

  1. woo says:

    wow the Masi will be a interesting restore , I think Jim should try to repaint it close to the original color , even I have seen plenty of orange ones . yes it may not be worth the money but it has a great story . I would bet Baylis built it from some of stories I heard about Masi USA or he did 90% of it

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