50 years of small wheels. Fat tires to the South Pole

Haven’t read the book yet (patience, it’s in the reading stack), but I did take 46 seconds to see Elly Blue’s Everyday Bicycling video. See you out there, too, Blue. (Taking the Lane)

50 years of small wheels, that’s the Moulton legacy to date. In November 1962, the Moulton’s small wheels and full suspension frames created a dramatically different silhouette on the road. (road.cc)

Though it has nothing to do with riding a bicycle, this essay on cherishing and protecting an oasis of quiet reminds me that our favorite human-powered machine doesn’t usually produce much sound beyond a squeaky brake or a freewheel clicking away downhill. (New York Times)

Not sure what a traditional steel bicycle frame is today, but chances are pretty good it’s influenced, to one degree or another, by the work of Richard Sachs, who says he has the last batch of Tecnociclo forged road dropouts. Back in the day, a lot of these dropouts carried the Campagnolo name. (Richard Sachs)

Portland’s Leslie Carlson offers four strategies that people who ride bicycles can use to influence public policy. Maybe the best idea? Talk benefits, not cost. (Green Lane Project)

Here’s a bicycle rider to add to your Facebook “likes.” Eric Larsen is just about ready to ride 750 miles to the South Pole on a Surly Moonlander. The article says, “If conditions and time allow, he’ll bike back,” but I think I missed the explanation of Plan B. (Outside)

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