Past pedal

Big helmet. No cattle. 1984.

Big helmet. No cattle. 1984.

What do you look like in your mind’s eye?

Are you the kid on the tricycle, about to topple over into the street and win a scar worth bragging about? The bigger kid on the five-speed, newly equipped with the knowledge that reaching the next town over is just a matter of pedaling for another 55 minutes?

The guy who, faced with the challenge of distinguishing vocation and avocation, decided to avoid the challenge for a decade? The grinder on the 2-speed kickback pulling a week’s laundry in a trailer?

The pilot of a tandem who spends a week in the summer each year rolling around Door County, Wisconsin? The 50-year-old with a new-found delight in folding bicycles? The 52-year-old buying spare parts on eBay?

Or are you all of those people newly confronted by the person you were in 1984 and found by him to be, shall we say, somewhat less than competitive, even as a group?

So many questions. So much time.

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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5 Responses to Past pedal

  1. woo says:

    Hey I think I know that guy in the picture, I met him once upon a time doesnt seem that long tho .man the old vitesse shop (my first gig) is what i think of as a bike shop even today maybe it was my teen age impressment it had on me it was a place of wonder and so was the guy in the picture ( a top) that worked there

  2. lardavis says:

    Yes, all of these – and so much more – mentor, steadfast friend, enabler of others to perceive themselves and the world beyond their own limitations as possible, and positive.

    Ride on, Sir!

  3. lardavis says:

    Friend, mentor in all things pedaled, crank-young-fellow, clever rhetoricalist, and deep thinker. But, most of all a steadfast individualist and reliable eccentric. All these and so much more to be – ride on, grasshopper!

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