Chicago changes lanes. State of the Bike. And video of Oregon’s Old West Scenic Bikeway

20121112-000427.jpgFor someone used to the geological pace of bicycle infrastructure changes in Peoria, the speed of recent developments in Chicago is unbelievable. I mean, come on, people in Portland and Seattle are jealous of the Windy City now. (Green Lane Project)

Why should a city care about walkability? Because other cities care, and so do the residents they’re attracting. Erik Reader shares a passage from the book Walkable City. (Reader Area Development)

Looking for a good State of the U.S. Bicycle speech? I can’t imagine a better talk than the one Trek Bicycle President John Burke delivered to Interbike attendees back in September. If you’ve got the bandwidth and 30 minutes to focus and take notes, here’s the video you need to see and hear. (Trek Bicycle)

Government regulation and the free market are always intertwined—whether the results are walkable or not. So, why not put a little more effort toward communities we can more easily walk and bicycle through? (Streetsblog)

How do you make a bicycle easier to ride? Inflate the tires to the proper pressure and make sure your seat is the right height. Oh, and don’t forget to lubricate the chain. Jason Smith has launched a business to measure the frictional differences among components and sell the data to cyclists looking for that extra edge. (Bicycle Retailer)

Want to promote your area to bicyclists? Two tips: 1) Work to make sure your area is worth promoting, then 2) Study this video on The Old West Scenic Bikeway in Oregon, produced by the fine folks at The Path Less Pedaled. (YouTube)

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