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Nothing cooler than pictures of an old bicycle shop. Of course, you know they’re cool if they were posted on Reader Area Development’s site.


How cool is this old bicycle store?

This was the Voss Brothers Bicycle Shop that was located in Peoria. I found this picture in the archives of the CARLI digital online collection through Bradley University. It is being maintained by the Peoria Historical Society and is a treasure trove of awesomeness.

This picturewas taken in 1920, and it’s somewhat funny to me, because this is exactly something I want here in Peoria in 2013. It’s simple, well designed, and provides what looks like a great user experience.

One item of note is the banner on the wall to the right. It reads:

Ride A Bicycle For Health & For Economy

From zooming in on the banner and looking at an old business directory, it looks like this shop used to be at 419 S. Adams, which today is the CityLink bus depot.

City Link

For anyone looking to do any historical detective work, maybe…

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