How to battle the battery cabal by bicycle


Have to say I got spoiled evaluating the Tern Link P7i folding bicycle, especially that machine’s generator hub-powered headlight. Imagine having light any time you want it with no worries about discharged or leaking batteries. Imagine not worrying about burned-out bulbs (the Tern’s light came from long-lasting LEDs). I was impressed by the light generated by simply walking the bike through the yard. When I returned the Link P7i to Tern, I lost the first generator hub I had ever used as well as the most dependable lighting.

I’m now in the process of replacing that system (and adding a generator-powered taillight) on a different bicycle. I found Peter White’s website a great source of information. While it’s possible to spend more money (a lot more money), I decided I should be able to get plenty of light out of the set-up in the picture: Busch & Müller Lumotec Lyt N Plus headlight, the same company’s Toplight Flat S Plus taillight and a Sanyo H27 generator hub.

The front and rear lights are standlights (indicated by the word “Plus”). That means in addition to providing light while you’re rolling, they store generator power in capacitors for light when you’re sitting at a traffic signal.

Like many lights on the market, the Busch & Müller units use LEDs instead of filament bulbs, which means bulb burnout is a thing of the past. Another interesting thing about LED lights: you can wire the headlight alone or with a taillight–without making any changes to the headlight. Idiot proofing? Yes, please.

No batteries. No battery cabal to deal with. And it’s all thanks to my new friends in the lighting cabal. As soon, that is, as I build the Sanyo generator into a front wheel–with a little help from the spoke and rim cabals.

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1 Response to How to battle the battery cabal by bicycle

  1. lardavis says:

    Flux Capacitor Cabal?!
    Light On, Man!

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