16incheswestofpeoria 1, Maya Angelou, 0

fixitsticks-homeproduct_1Move over Maya Angelou. The recent haiku of a previously unknown scribe has achieved something not accorded to your somewhat longer poem “On the Pulse of Morning.”

It has won its author, specifically, me, a pair of Fix It Sticks, the Appleton, Wisconsin, bicycle multitool that emerged from a highly successful Kickstarter funding campaign in February 2013.

Thanks to Bike Hacks for hosting the contest and making my mad dash to poetry riches possible. There were six winners in all.

Now I know some will say the poet of Bill Clinton’s inaugural did not actually enter the haiku contest. And that is true. But I don’t believe that fact should be held against her nor, indeed, be used to diminish the magnitude of my own accomplishment. Behold:

Once rubbed sticks for heat
But now Fix It Sticks are hot
And problems are not

To come: a review of the product and an interview with inventor Brian Davis. 

Ms. Angelou, I assume you will have to be happy with your more than 30 honorary degrees. Good luck adjusting your Nitto Technomic stem with any of them.

Note: Lots of interesting reading on the Fix It Sticks Facebook page. Also, check out the Fix It Sticks video on YouTube.

Unrelated contest: Champaign (Illinois) Cycle customer Joel Melby recently won a Trek Domane Project One bicycle, worth $10,000, in a VeloNews contest. Hard to say how much more he could have taken home had he remembered to engage the amazing powers of poetry.

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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5 Responses to 16incheswestofpeoria 1, Maya Angelou, 0

  1. LARRY DAVIS says:

    Most impressive, sir.

  2. The Fix-it-Stix looks gorgeous but I’m struggling to see the point when standard “folds like a pocketknife” multitools work so well, are simple, light, and all contained in one unit?

    Looking forward to your review.

  3. Micheal Blue says:

    Man, I’d like to know what you drink and eat 😀 Funny poem. You know, I bet the Fix It Sticks are a better (as in more practical) reward than the race bike. Plus, when scratching various parts of your body, with the sticks you can reach them comfortably. With the Trek it would be a dangerous undertaking.

    BTW, I bought a Shimano Alivio trigger shifter and now my eagle-with-leather-boots handlebars look symmetrical. One thing I found out – Tikit uses extra long derailer cable. Probably the same for the rear brake cable. So I ordered some spare from BF.

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