Champaign used bike sale benefits Habitat; SunXCD launches

20121120-213319.jpgChampaign (Illinois) Cycle’s 4th Annual Community Used Bike Sale is coming up May 4. Sell your bicycle during the sale and the 10-percent consignment fee goes to Habitat for Humanity. Great way to make a little money and support Habitat at the same time. Bike must be in safe operating condition, and you must bring your bicycle to Champaign Cycle before May 1 for the May 4- 5 sale. Note: Champaign Cycle receives no money from the sale. (Champaign Cycle)

Carlton Reid, executive editor of BikeBiz, set a £4000 goal for the Kickstarter campaign of Roads Were Not Built For Cars, his detailed history of the Good Roads movement in the United States and the Road Improvements Association of the United Kingdom. The campaign raised £17,407 before its conclusion. Eventually his book will be available online as a free PDF. Here’s just one of the facts Reid uncovered during his research: “…in the 1896 Presidential election campaign, the League of American Wheelmen was the only organisation to have its own room in the campaign HQ of the Republican party.” (Roads Were Not Built For Cars)

You’re 90 years old, you’re in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, and the company you joined in 1946 basically disappeared after Shimano turned indexed shifting into market dominance. What’s next? Starting a new company with a familiar looking logo. Junzo Kawai and his new company, SunXCD, are offering a hubset, cranks and rims with more on the way—distributed in North America by The Merry Sales Company. (Bicycle Retailer)

To say New York had some pent-up demand for a bicycle-sharing service is to understate the obvious. More than 4,000 people signed up for Citi Bike subscriptions in the first 24 hours of membership sales. Former over-discloser Anthony Weiner and other mayoral candidates may want to dwell on Editor Ben Fried’s question: “If you were an NYC pol, why would you ever want to mess with all these people who want access to public bikes?” (Streetsblog)

Seems like whenever I turn around, I find another company selling bicycles with frames made by Wisconsin’s Waterford Precision Cycles. One of those companies, Shinola, out of Detroit, is turning out a handsome city bike “designed and spec’d by Sky Yaeger, whose resume includes Swobo, Spot, and Bianchi, where she conceived the far-ahead-of-its-time Milano townie and the now-iconic Pista track frame.” (Bicycling)

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