Loopwheels moves bicycle suspension inside the wheel

dfsdfsSuspension without a suspension frame? If Sam Pearce of Loopwheels is successful, future bicycle riders will have a suspension wheel option for smoothing out the ride. The 20-inch wheels he’s testing on Dahon Mu folding bikes offer 45mm of travel (and require 260mm between the center of the axle and the frame). (Bike Radar)

Loopwheels replaces spokes with three carbon-fiber loops between hub and rim. It’s pretty easy to see how the loops would flex vertically, but I wondered how rigid the wheel would be side to side. Here’s what the inventor wrote: “I have spent a lot of development time perfecting the springs so that they compress and flex in response to the road, yet have minimal lateral flex. Our 20″ wheels measure a similar lateral stiffness to that of a normally spoked 26″ wheel on our own test rigs.”

With 23 days to go, Pearce was more than halfway to his Kickstarter funding goal. Take a look for yourself if for no other reason than to add the phrase “tangential suspension” to your techno vocabulary. (Kickstarter)

London-based folding bike maker Brompton makes 80 percent of its revenue from foreign sales, and Asia is a fast-growing market for the company. My Singapore pen pal Diane says she shared this article with members of her local cycling community “and now we worry that Brompton prices will go up.” (Telegraph)

The Society of Three Speeds has three rules: “1) I will endeavor to promote three speeds as a viable means of transportation. 2) I will not denigrate three speed bicycles and will not allow others to disparage these humble bicycles. 3) I will ride my three speed bicycle with pride and immense enjoyment. If I have not yet procured a three speed bicycle, I will do my best to obtain one posthaste.” However, for some reason, the membership packet includes four lapel buttons. (Society of Three Speeds)

What’s the difference between riding a bicycle and a tricycle? Here’s a hint: the difference is easy to see when a pack of tricycles rolls through a corner, and nothing’s changed in the years since 2008. (YouTube)

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5 Responses to Loopwheels moves bicycle suspension inside the wheel

  1. adventurepdx says:

    “However, for some reason, the membership packet includes four lapel buttons.”
    What’s wrong with that? Four buttons is better than three!

  2. I was too hasty. On review, I noticed that you did say four BUTTONS were better than three. I guess I was reading that as a more general statement of four being better than three, which could have been construed as disparaging a variety of things that come in three, such as gears. (Such is my newfound sensitivity on that topic.) I stand corrected. Well, actually I’m sitting right now, but I will stand soon and thus, at that fateful time, will be reminded of my trespass against your precise language.

  3. Oh, and the check’s in the mail. We who are about to receive buttons salute you.

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