Tern Bicycles recalls, Elly Blue travels, Rock Island Trail recovering (but not all at once)

20121120-211618.jpgTern Bicycles is recalling “a specific batch of S- and X-level Verge and Eclipse frames manufactured between September 2011 and March 2012…Please first check your Frame Number, which is stamped underneath the bottom bracket. If your Frame Number starts with AM1A or is in the series AM1102 through AM1207, your bike may be affected.” More information at the link. (Tern Bicycles)

Writer, Bicycling magazine contributor and independent publisher Elly Blue is on the road for “a month-long tour of the central and northeastern U.S. in May, 2013. Our events bring people together to eat delicious food and get inspired about bicycle transportation.” Still looking for details on that May 30 stop in Champaign, Illinois, Blue. (Dinner and Bikes)

Bert Cebular, owner of folding bike/electric bike/scooter dealer NYCeWheels, just wrote about his trip to Aurora, Canada, and the factory of BionX, maker of electric drive systems for bicycles and small boats. Cebular might be the only NYCeWheels employee who could get away with a statement like “I wish I could quit NYCeWheels and just work there. I’d actually get paid to play at what I love.” (Electric Bikes & Folding Bikes/NYC)

The Rock Island Trail, an unpaved multi-purpose trail north of Peoria, has reopened from Alta to Dunlap, following water damage that led to numerous washouts. Damage along the northern end of the trail may take longer to repair. (Peoria Journal Star)

One of my stronger memories of the long-gone Chicago Area Bicycle Dealers Association trade show is seeing one gentleman folding and unfolding a Brompton bicycle throughout the day. When I look at these pictures of a 1982 model, I’m struck by two things: 1) Details have changed, but the general design brief has not, and 2) the Brompton’s unique mix of rideability and folded size, established with the earliest production models, remains competitive into the 21st century. (Folding Bike Guide)

The folding bicycle that fits into its own trailer strategy has long been a hallmark of Eugene, Oregon-based Bike Friday. The packable strategy makes it a bit easier to combine bicycle and airplane travel. Here’s a Brompton-based variation on the theme. Be sure to check out the video. (TravellingTwo)

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2 Responses to Tern Bicycles recalls, Elly Blue travels, Rock Island Trail recovering (but not all at once)

  1. Micheal Blue says:

    You know, I wonder how a Brompton bike with Bike Friday trailer would do. It could be the best combination: the Brommie should fit in the suitcase trailer without disassembly, and the BF hitch should work on the Brommie.

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