The art of the sale: Visiting Artcrank St. Louis


Seen at the St. Louis Artcrank show: a worthy rival to the Nelson Marshmallow Sofa. Cheap bicycle seats were never this attractive, or comfortable, and yet, there they are.


The show, which runs through Sunday, takes place at the Atomic Cowboy, a drinking establishment on Manchester Avenue.


We quickly settled on a favorite print by Mary Fran Foster, a view from the back of four people riding bicycles, one person with a double bass strapped to his/her(?) back. $40. Such a deal. Others had a bit tougher time choosing a single piece of art. The patron immediately before me finally settled on five posters.


Interesting neighborhood. The first bike I saw in the window of Randy’s Recycled Cycles could have been one of the first Trek bicycles I ever sold. Who can forget those thrilling earth tones?


And across Manchester: the HandleBar. Another eating/drinking emporium. No time or inclination for beer here; the dollar Fat Tires (special promo, indeed) at the Cowboy were sufficient.


This is one of two matching bike racks out front. Look through the wheel and you’ll see the do-it-yourself bike repair station.


Common hand tools are cabled to the station, which doubles as a repair stand to get your wheels off the ground (your seat post nestled between the stand’s two upper projections). For use by any populist pedaler passing by.


St. Louis is an old river town filled with old brick buildings. Plenty to preserve and cherish here, and the best way to do that is fill them with small businesses.

Bicycle racers take the streets today, while we head for the Katy Trail and, later, nearby Montelle Winery, which features an outstanding view of the Missouri River valley.

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Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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2 Responses to The art of the sale: Visiting Artcrank St. Louis

  1. lardavis says:

    Looks like a lovely time – full of adventure and fun! We’ve got a few of those iron fronts here back home – from the same supplier. Hope the tandems passed the auditions.

    • Didn’t have time to ride anything at The Hub in St. Louis, but Greg knew his Co-motion tandems. The Periscope Torpedo looks to have a very accommodating stoker stand-over height. Not under consideration, but neat to see: DaVinci tandems with independent pedaling.

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