Bicycling the 2013 Illinois Bike Summit


Before 170 people–representing metropolitan planning organizations, city and state governments, non-profits and other organizations–headed inside the Normal, Illinois, Marriot hotel on May 15 for the second annual Illinois Bike Summit, a smaller group of attendees headed out for an easy 12-mile jaunt on Constitution Trail and nearby streets.

P1060829Gwen, a triathlete representing Vitesse Cycle Shop, was the leader of the merry band. You can bet this was her slowest ride of the year.

P1060817Peoria’s Mike Honnold, caretaker of, and his fine Reynolds 531 Falcon. Horizontal dropouts on this veteran machine simplified installation of a rear flip-flop (single-speed/fixed) hub.

P1060822A head tube badge beats a head tube decal any day.

P1060833Julian, a professor of politics and government, with his Kogswell bicycle, physical evidence that the work of two parties can be combined for the common good: up front, a rack-mounted Sackville bag; under the seat, an Acorn bag. Like other Illinois Bike Summit attendees, Julian spent the rest of a beautiful day inside. One difference: he would have to wait at least another 24 hours before riding the custom Bilenky tandem with 650 x 42 tires that arrived at his home the day before.

P1060832Sometimes the right artifact just falls into your hands. Julian’s Kogswell sports an antique head tube badge that once announced the bicycle of an entirely different manufacturer. Has anyone heard of this old-time Wellsville product?

P1060821More evidence that steel is still real: a well-used Trek 830 outside the Marriot.

P1060818Small-tire bicycles were well represented on the ride. I counted two Bike Friday tikits, two 20-inch Bike Fridays and a Dahon Mu.

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6 Responses to Bicycling the 2013 Illinois Bike Summit

  1. Micheal Blue says:

    Hey, the picture looking over the shoulder, with a brown jacket – someone is riding right behind the person flexing his bicep. Perhaps a stalker cyclist? The Dahon Mu P24 I used to have had exactly the same colour as the Dahon shown above. I dig small-wheel bikes. They are so cute.

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