Big wheel, modest income. And bicycling in Oregon adds up

20121120-213319.jpgWhen I worked in retail in the early 1980s, I liked Quality Bicycle Products because they had what my customers wanted, and its catalog was a pleasure to use. Today, Quality is more than a wholesale supplier to bicycle shops: it’s home to a number of bicycle brands, including Surly and Civia. The company is also a lot bigger. Yet Steve Flagg, leader of 650 employees, makes $150,000 a year, “less than he pays his top managers.” (Star Tribune)

According to the Oregon Bicycle Travel Survey, recreational bicycling generates $400 million of Oregon’s $9 billion tourism industry. Couple of small items I found interesting: 1) a single article published last June reached 300,000 people, and 2) travelers participating in bicycle-related activities spent $72 million on motor fuel. (Oregon Live)

Talk about leaving at a high point. Emerson Roberts is leaving Brompton after a sales and marketing stint that saw exports by the London-based folding-bike manufacturer grow by 80 percent. (BikeBiz)

New York City seems ready to “impose fines of $100 to $250 for businesses that have an e-bike [electric bicycle] on their premises, or if their employees are caught making deliveries for the business on an e-bike.” If the state of New York had the same approach to electric bicycles as the federal government, the measure probably wouldn’t have gotten off the ground. (Bicycle Retailer)

Nothing helps a rider in a new area like a good map. Given that David Rumsey’s focus is on old maps, you’re not likely to find one that works for you. But with 38,000 maps online (out of a collection of 150,000 maps), Rumsey has a lot of people burning a lot of time just looking around. Maybe even a few people who usually get around by bicycle. (Atlantic Cities)

Disclaimer: I am not an organized person, but I have been in the past, specifically when I worked in the bike shop. As a result, those close to me contend that I look at my bicycle-wrenching days through the proverbial rose-colored glasses. Perhaps. All I will admit to is a continued appreciation for organization on the part of others, whether evidenced in Jim Langley’s comprehensive $19.95 ebook, Your Home Bicycle Workshop, or in this well-documented rolling tool rack.

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